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  • Christchurch: Nature and Resilience

      Tipped off by a friend, I have been reading a couple of posts by Glenn Stewart, a professor of urban ecology in New Zealand.  The first, Natural Disasters and the Nature of Cities, looks at the destruction the 2010 Christchurch earthquake caused and moves on to look at how the native vegetation has started…

  • Astoria Public Service Building

    Astoria Public Service Building

    One of the buildings I have been working on recently was the Astoria Public Safety Building , which has been remodeled.  The building serves as a combined fire station and police station.  There was a small addition added to expand the Police Department, and the space was reorganized to be more efficient.  More importantly, the…

  • The Oregon Resilience Plan Adopted

    The  Oregon Resilience Plan was adopted by OSSPAC and will shortly be on its way to the Legislature.  OSSPAC was tasked by the Legislature with developing this plan in 2011, and with the help of over 150 volunteers, divided into 8 task groups and an advisory committee, produced a report that takes a comprehensive look…

  • The New Normal

    A recent article in the New York Times, “The Generator is the Machine of the Moment” talks about changes to building projects to make them more resilient to Hurricane Sandy  type storms.  The changes are straight forward changes to the building systems, such as moving mechanical systems out of the basement, flood proofing the basements and…

  • Five Ways to Recover Faster ‘From The Big One’

    A good article from Tom Banse of Northwest Public Radio about the efforts of Oregon and Washington to make each state more resilient in the face of a Cascadia earthquake/tsunami.  I recommend listening to the radio report portion as well.  

  • Does Sandy have any impact for Oregon?



    New York is considering how they should rebuild in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and the discussion is highly relevant to Oregon’s efforts to prepare for the Cascadia earthquake and tsunami.  Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed solutions for making New York City more resilient is quite reminiscent of discussions held by the Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory…

  • Schools leading the way

    Schools leading the way



    The citizens of Portland voted overwhelmingly to pass a bond measure that upgrades a number of Portland schools.  It pays for some basic seismic upgrades on a 26 schools and completely modernizes three high schools and one grade school.  It is a first step to the modernization of all Portland’s schools, which at the end…