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Preserving America’s Historic Barns

Posted on February 25th, by raskin in Blog. 1 Comment

Preserving America’s Historic Barns

Limeworks, an organization that “is committed to providing the resources needed for performing professional masonry restoration and building sustainable structures in an environmentally conscious and sustainable way” produced this video on preserving historic barns.  The video shows photos of barns throughout the Country, with a narration by barn historian Jeff Marshall talking about why preserving these barns is important.  Oregon is a bit behind in preserving its historic barns, but is catching up with the Historic Barn’s Taskforce, formed by Historic Preservation League of Oregon.

One thought on “Preserving America’s Historic Barns

  1. These are great. I like the rustic, bit worn and taetretd look of the barns and landscape in that third photo. The 4th one is the opposite –looks like it’s in the middle of good financial times and good weather conditions.The 4th is a bit bizarre with all that roof-like tile, but it’s got a certain appeal to it. I really enjoyed these. :>)

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