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  • Dr. Harvey Award

    The City of Astoria has it own historic preservation awards, the Dr. Edward Harvey Historic Preservation Award,  named after Dr. Harvey, who was instrumental in creating the historic preservation movement in Astoria.  The award is presented each year to recognize property owners who have completed exterior restoration or beautification of a building which exemplifies the…

  • Depot update 12/3

    Depot update 12/3



    The final stages of the work is progressing.  The exterior lighting have been installed.  The interior lighting is being finished up.  The interior trim work is proceeding.  The painting is being finished up.  The windows and doors are almost complete.  The brick work will be laid in the breezeway.  The HVAC system will be turned…

  • Old is New

    Old is New

    The Cool Hunter website has some beautiful photos of modern additions and insertions of new buildings and elements into old historic buildings.  In all of them, the new is juxtaposed to the old rather than trying to restore the building to an original state, or reuse a traditional or classical architectural vocabulary.  This approach is…