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Historic Preservation & Energy Efficiency: A Guide for Historic Commercial Buildings

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A collaboration of Pacific Power, Energy Trust of Oregon, and Clatsop Community College, has produced an excellent booklet on the energy efficiency for historic commercial buildings. The students and faculty of the College’s Historic Preservation Program provided the information for the booklet which showcases projects throughout the state.  The Guide is available to view online or to download and is a valuable tool for historic commercial property owners, tenants and communities seeking to improve energy efficiency and preserve the historic qualities of these buildings.

Portland’s Chinatown

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I ran across an interesting article by Ivy Lin in the Willamette Week talking about Chinatown past and present in Portland.  She has made a documentary film called Pig Roast & Tank of Fish.  She points out that the Old Town Chinatown in Portland in the early 19th century was the second largest Chinatown on the west coast.  This area, part of the Old Town area, was a mix of Japanese and Chinese and has left its cultural mark on Portland.  However, it has been a long time since it was a vibrant center of the Chinese community.  She points out that the commercial center of businesses and restaurants has shifted out towards 82nd Avenue and is a multi-asian mix, rather than just Chinese. Indeed, you find similar mixes as you go out Powell Blvd as well.

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