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Cars and Cities

The future of cars and cities

Posted on April 9th, by raskin in Blog. 1 Comment

For someone who has lamented the negative impacts that cars have had on cities,  a fundamental change appears in the offing, with implications as large as those when cars first appeared.   This change is made up of different elements.  One element is the changing relationship people have with cars, from being a reflection of who we are, to merely being a tool. This change was discussed the other day on NPR, which had a story, What Drives Us? Car Sharing Reflects Cultural Shift, that talked about the rise of car sharing, such as Zipcar as well as peer to peer sharing. Another element is the move for autonomous cars which drive themselves, such as the cars being developed by Google.  These cars are now legal in California and the State of California passed a law last year that requires the … Read More »

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